Who’s your city?


You like where you live. You love your job. Maybe you don’t. Want to move? And not sure where to? Maybe you’d like to move to four different places all at once. Or you want to remind yourself just why you love where you live. Then, Who’s Your City? place finder is for you.


Just list where you live now and up to four other places where you’d like to live. Answer 10 questions and place finder will reflect back to you the place that’s best  suited to you. And those that don’t too.

If you like the website, then you’ll love Richard Florida’s book. Who’s Your City? How the Creative Economy Is Making Where You Live the Most Important Decision of Your Life.


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About Patrick Keady

An experienced NHS director and senior manager, Patrick Keady decided that it was time to leave NHS employment in 2007. He says that the variety of working freelance in what he is experienced, qualified and passionate about - healthcare quality, safety, risk and governance - was just too good to miss. Patrick pursues a portfolio life as an interim manager, independent consultant, non-executive director, conference chair, speaker, author, editor and blogger.

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