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The Norm Chronicles: stories and numbers about danger by Michael Blastland and David Spiegelhalter


The Norm Chronicles





Blastland and Speigelhalter tell us that the great puzzle about danger is “a million stories describe it, feelings inform it, and a million occasions conspire for or against every incident – and yet there are a relatively consistent number.

While the topics in this book are serious, they are mainly about health and are presented in a nice readable way.

It is written with elegance and plenty of wit too. Just like this video from David Spiegelhalter, the information is easily understood and there were plenty of moments when I laughed.



For example, all of these add 1.1 years to the estimated life expectancy of men and 0.9 years for women – the first drink of alcohol (10g), 2-3 cups of coffee and taking statins. Although each subsequent drink of alcohol and watching television for two hours reduce men’s and women’s life expectancy by about 0.7 years.

Through “MicroMorts”, “MicroLifes” and lots of other data, The Norm Chronicles: stories and numbers is for everyone who is interested in how risk impacts on our lives.

There are so many examples from birth to death, that the information in this book will be of help to all clinicians advising patients to live healthier, as well as for people who want to advise themselves.

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