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Patients Come Second: leading change by changing the way you lead (2013) by Paul Spiegelman and Britt Berrett





Now there’s a controversial name for a book that has so much to offer leaders in healthcare !


We know from NHS patient and staff surveys, that there is a direct correlation between employee loyalty and patient feedback.


Paul Spiegelman and Britt Berret show the way forward. They look at patient satisfaction and employee engagement and they highlight the direct correlation between them.


Patients Come Second tell us, that happy employees make happy healthcare workers and in turn, happy healthcare workers make happy patients. 


This book is a must-read for all NHS leaders. It clearly addresses the effect of uncertainty on objectives (risk management).  It also revisits the familiar topics of mission (why we are here) a vision (where we aspire to go) and values (the rules we live by).  



As we all know, NHS organisations need more than mission, vision and values. This is because each speciality, department and worker has their own mission, vision and values too. 


One of the key messages from this book is that where missions, visions and values are well aligned, then patient experience and staff engagement will be much better.


Patients Come Second explains that healthcare organisations are not well prepared to take care of patients, when they don’t take care of employees.  


The answer is to find ways for nurses, administrative staff, doctors, switchboard operators, etc. to want to provide great service to their patients.  


This book shares helpful stories. It leaves readers with practical tools and tips to implement immediate change in their healthcare organizations.


Perhaps the most helpful concept is Culture IQ and the accompanying 10 simple questions that will help you assess the Culture IQ of where you work.


What do you think of the title?  Have you read the book? Please enter your thoughts below.


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