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Quality : Diploma in NLP – Health



While there are many views as to what quality in healthcare looks like, the experts agree that patient experience is one of the cornerstones of quality.


And with this in mind, more and more Doctors, Dentists, Nurses and Physioterapists are turning to NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) to help them improve the experience of their patients.  And of course,  other people are turning to NLP too.


There is an expanding array of courses available to clinicians interested in NLP.  These courses introduce delegates to evidence-based principles and practical techniques that will help clinicians, patients and others to harness the power of language in healing and health.


For example, the three-day NLP for Doctors course takes place in Amsterdam from 29th to 31st October (€875).  And there are courses for Nurses and others interested in healthcare and health.  However there is one course that you might be particularly interested in, because the delegates will include clinicians, patients and others learning together – and from each other.


Diploma in NLP – Health” (£120) awards not one, but two Diplomas – the International NLP Trainer’s Association Diploma in NLP and the Central NLP Diploma in NLP and Health.  This course is open to clinicians, patients and anyone else interested in health.  It takes place in Redditch (near Birmingham) in the Autumn – 15th/16th September and 13th/14th  October.


Led by David Smallwood, “Diploma in NLP – Health” is for health professionals want to be more effective, as well as people who want to learn about NLP, people interested in earning an internationally recognised qualification, people who care about influencing their own health and the health of others, and people who want to understand the basics of health psychology,


In David’s view “the contribution of NLP to health has not had the recognition it deserves“.  Despite a wealth of success stories from individuals and healthcare professionals alike, NLP and Health has maintained a low profile.  David adds that one of the reasons is that when things work and people don’t understand why, then these things tend to get dismissed as unscientific.


NLP and Health is all about doing what works for patients, because that is all that patients care about.  To find a cure, western medicine studies people who are ill.  By contrast, NLP and Health studies people who remain healthy or who have recovered from illness.  NLP asks ‘How did you do that?’


What will delegates learn ?


  • What is NLP? What is Health?
  • The Health Psychology Model
  • The keys to excellent Bedside Manner
  • How people use their senses to represent their experience of the world
  • How to stop Hiccups
  • Setting Positive Goals for Health
  • Noticing what is Important – learning to pay attention
  • A Positive Mental Attitude towards Health
  • Health Affirmations
  • How to learn from your Symptoms
  • Creating a Resourceful State
  • Words that Heal
  • Presuppositions of NLP and Health
  • The Placebo Response –why does it work and how to harness it
  • Submodalities – the building blocks of human experience and how to use them to make a difference
  • Strategies for Ageing, Longevity and Creating a Healthy Future
  • Successful Patient Rehabilitation – based on the experience of an NLP Trainer who recovered from trauma to full health by modelling other people who had done the same.


For more information about the INLPTA Diploma in NLP – Health, please contact David at DavidBSmallwood (at) BTInternet (dot) com or call him at (01684) 833135.


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    The Diploma in Coaching Excellence can change your life as it takes an integrative approach to coaching blending cognitive behavioral coaching, NLP coaching, person-centered work and transactional analysis to deliver a rich and powerful approach to working with clients.

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