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Risk : Risky Business London 2012


This is an update on the article that I wrote introducing the Risky Business London 2012 symposium.


The idea behind the symposium is simple and yet challenging – if healthcare is to make major strides forward in improving patient safety, then there is much to learn from looking outside medicine.  The rationale is that in this way, we will be challenged and at the same time, we can borrow improvement lessons that have worked so well in other sectors of economies accross the world.


On 24th May, Risk Business London will look at how healthcare can learn from complex systems when things go wrong.


While on 25th May it will be focus on finding solutions, by changing culture, leadership / teamwork, improvement science and creativity.


Risky Business London 2012 takes place at Kings Place, next to the Kings Cross stations in London


Delegate fees are very reasonable : doctors (£400), nurses (£275), emergency services (£275) and corporate (£475).


So, what will delegates get for their money ?


Quite a lot !


The final list of speakers is :


  • Barrett, MikeNASA Astronaut who flew on the final Space Shuttle Endeavour mission – Teamwork at the limits: “Six months on the International Space Station”
  • Bevington, Tom – Chairman Bevington Group – Lean +1: Uncovering the Gaps in Care – Mapping Interfacing Activity
  • Brittin, Matt – CEO Google UK – Improvement Google Style
  • Brook, Chris – Training helicopter pilots to survive when ditching in the sea
  • Evans, David – Qantas Training Captain on board Flight QF32 2010 – Engine explosion on take off on the New Airbus A380: Arguably one of the greatest saves in aviation history through outstanding teamwork
  • Evans, Loretta – the tragic story of the death of her son Colin and the importance of unambiguous transfer of responsibility of care between teams
  • Gillis, Arthur What does a customer focused culture look like from the perspective of a hotel CEO and dealing with Moments of Truth
  • Hutton, Peter – Professor of Anaesthesia, Birmingham; Former President RCA, Former Chairman of The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges of Physicians – What was it about the culture at Mid-Staffordshire Hospital that lead to the hospital’s scandal?
  • Jahan, TariqWinner of Pride of Britain Award – Reconciliation in Extreme Circumstances – Tariq appealed for peace after his Son Haroon was killed during the August Riots of 2011 in Birmingham, UK
  • James, Brent – Healthcare Improvement Guru – transforming an entire healthcare system through fanatical attention to improvement science
  • Jeffs, Kathryn – producer “Frozen Planet”
  • Lock, Jim – Cardiologist-In-Chief, Children’s Hospital of Boston – Can “smart” self learning clinical pathways SCAMPS save the health budget?
  • Madden, John – Director: Shakespeare in Love (Oscar Best Picture 1998), The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (Interview with Katie Derham – What does it take to make an Oscar winning movie?
  • Parsa, Ali – CEO Circle Health Ltd, The first private company to take over the running of an NHS Hospital – Will hospitals which have part-ownership with their employees provide the best outcomes at the lowest cost for their patients.
  • Peermohamed, Faz  – Head of Global Admiralty Group, Master Mariner, Safety Superintendent, Solicitor – Shipping: The Titanic, Prestige, Costa & Pirates
  • Redmond, DerekFormer Olympian and World Champion 400m who also epitomized The Olympic Spirit in Barcelona Olympics 1992 – What does it takes to win a world championship gold medal?
  • Schulz, KathrynJournalist and author – talks on “Being Wrong, adventures in the margin of error”
  • Scotland, AlastairSwiss Cheese or Swiss Clock? The individual and the system in patient safety.
  • Scott, Steve – Airline Captain and Human Factors Expert – Can we measure power gradients and hierachy to select which pilots should fly together?
  • Shetty, Devi – Named as The Henry Ford of Heart Surgery by The Wall Street Journal – Improvement through Economy of Scales
  • Singh, PriyaMPS Medical Director – gives practical advice on what to do if you make a major clinical error
  • Snook, Scott – Senior Lecturer Harvard Business School & Former US Colonel – provides an outstanding in depth analysis of a friendly fire incident
  • Sullman, Barry – A Fatal Drug Error – Barry talks for the first time about a tragic medication error he was involved in, within the context of a complex health care system, leading him to be charged with manslaughter.
  • Wachter, Bob – Professor and Associate Chairman, Department of Medicine San Francisco – Comparing Medical Culture in the UK and the US
  • Williams, KeithCEO British Airways – Resolving long standing disputes
  • Yueh, Linda – Economics Editor Bloomberg TV, Adjunct Professor of Economics at London Business School, Fellow at Oxford – Lessons from The World Economic Crisis


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