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The Risky Business 2012 programme is just published.   Taking place in London on 24th/25th May, Tough Times Needs Creative Minds has something for everyone.  Highlights include :


  • Doctor charged under the Corporate Manslaughter Act
  • Fukoshima
  • death following a cascade of handover errors
  • NASA Astronaut
  • Google CEO Matt Brittin
  • and many more


Day 1: When things go wrong: what do we do when there aren’t any answers. Understanding Complex Systems


  • Featuring Scott Snook: Giving an in depth analysis of a tragic friendly fire incident. Perhaps the best explanation one will ever hear on how complex systems can fail us.
  • Dr Barry Sullman tells his story for the first time about a tragic medication error he was involved in, within the context of a complex health system, leading him to be charged with Manslaughter in The UK.
  • Loretta Evans tells the tragic story of the loss of her son Colin due to a cascade of handover errors.
  • Kathryn Schulz – Journalist, author, and public speaker with a credible (if not necessarily enviable) claim to being the world’s leading “wrongologist”.
  • The World Economic Crisis: Lessons for Healthcare.’
  • Transparency and Reconciliation at the Limits: Wikileaks, The Role Hacking, Social Media and extremes of reconciliation. Matt Brittin (CEO of Google, UK)


DAY 2: Making things right through Changing Culture, Teamwork, Improvement Science and Creativity.  It’s all about culture, isn’t it?


  • Lessons from Fukoshima: What does a safety culture look like in a Nuclear Plant
  • Can we measure culture and power gradients (hierarchy) to select which pilots to put together in the Cockpit – Steve Scott (Captain and Human Factors Expert, Emirates Airlines
  • The culture of training to recover: Training helicopter pilots for ditching in the sea. Chris Brooks
  • Culture and personality types in Medicine, Comparison of The UK and US Healthcare Systems Bob Wachter (Professor & Associate Chairman, Dept. of Medicine, Chief, Division of Hospital Medicine, University of California, San Francisco)
  • What does a customer focused culture look like and How do we assess and measure if we are meeting our “customers” expectations? Arthur Gillis (CEO of Protea Hotels – Largest Hotel Chain in Africa)


Special Colleagues and Special Teams


  • What are the ingredients of exceptional teams From boat race teams to Camp Bastion Medical Outfit – Mark de Rond – Ethnography – Reader Judge Cambridge Business School
  • Which “special colleagues” go wrong in teams in medicine, Alistair Scotland (to confirm) 10 years of experience leading the NCAS System
  • Resolving long standing disputes Keith Williams CEO British Airways
  • Teamwork at the limits: “Six months on the International Space Centre| – NASA Astronaut Mike Barrett who flew on the last Space Shuttle Endeavour Mission shares his experience of living on the International Space Station for 6 months.
  • One of the greatest saves in aviation history through outstanding teamwork Flight QF32  Airbus A380 Engine Explosion on take off November 2010;.  David Edwards Quantas Captain
  • Do we all need coaches sports personality to be confirmed


Improvement Science: when the money runs out, balancing safety and cost


  • Brent James – transforming a healthcare system through fanatical attention to improvement Brent is one of the best known improvement scientists in medicine internationally and has facilitated making Intermountain Healthcare in Utah to being one of the best and most efficient health care systems in The US
  • Bevington Interfaces – improving capacity


Creativity is our only renewable resource (Improvement, Transformation, Creativity and Inspiration)


  • Kathryn Jeffs producer Frozen Planet
  • Balancing Innovation and Risk
  • Stretch – Indaba – South Africa Ravi Naidoo


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