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Offer : NHS Commissioning and £100 discount



Whether you are a GP, a PCT commissioner or an NHS Provider, now is the time to hear of the latest developments, voice your opinion and ensure you are ready for more change in the NHS.

Join SMi at their inaugural GP Commissioning conference on 12th/13th October, quote ‘Better Outcomes’ to receive £100 discount and look forward to hearing from speakers including:

  • Emily Thornberry , Shadow Health and Social Care Minister,  Member of Parliament
  • Val Moore , Implementation Programme Director, NICE
  • Dr Thotan Chondra Mohan, Chair, University of Oxford
  • Dr Ashok Deshpande , Vice Chair, Havering First Consortium,  NHS Havering
  • Yvonne Sawbridge , Senior Fellow,  Health Services Management Centre
  • Darren Summers , Senior Commissioner (Mental Health), Commissioning Support Service,  NHS East London and City Alliance
  • Suzanne Novak , NHS commissioner & Training Lead,  NHS Camden
  • Paul Midgley , Director of NHS Insight,  NHIS Ltd

As the NHS adapts to the Nicholson Challenge and the evolving Health and Social Care Bill, we all face huge challenges in managing information within the new commissioning environment.  Key topics that will be addressed at this two-day conference include:

  • The new commissioning environment
  • Accountability in the consortia
  • Ensuring a smooth transition of PCT-Pathfinder
  • Creating strong leadership for improving patient outcomes
  • Getting to grips with the capacity and capabilities of the consortia
  • Delivering transparency in the consortia
  • Discovering lessons for the future


For more information on this and many other events of interest, why not visit the UK and Ireland’s largest directory of conferences, events, publications and consultations for people interested in NHS quality, risk management, governance and safety


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