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Chartered Quality Institute’s survey at HSJ

The Chartered Quality Institute and HSJ are undertaking a survey of healthcare managers, senior professionals and decision makers to find out about the drivers and barriers to quality in today’s NHS.  Why not take part and contribute to the discussion here.


I’m delighted that the CQI are involved.  Their view of Quality is more rounded and comprehensive than those identified by NHS Quality thought leaders, such as Lord Darzi’s next stage review, the Care Quality Commission, QIPP and Quest for Quality.  For a summary of NHS Quality thought leaders measures of Quality, check out What is Quality (part 1).


CQI’s ideas are adapted from Juran and Japan, where its 130 million people live about 5 years longer than us, they see a Doctor about three times as often as people living here in the UK, where the number of Nurses per 1,000 is less than in the UK (7.8, compared with 8.8), and the Japanese have almost three times as many hospital beds per 1,000 people.  And the cost of caring for every person living in Japan is less than here in the UK – 7.8% GDP versus 8.1%.
For more information about healthcare in Japan, click here.



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