Patrick Keady

Does the NHS need management consultants?

Every week, I receive two or three phonecalls about assignments in NHS risk management, governance and safety. However, many of the proposed assignments would be a waste of NHS time and NHS money.

Earlier this year, a PCT asked me to lead on corporate governance, health & safety, risk management, information management, health records, complaints, claims, moving and handling and commissioning strategy.


I challenged the potential client to describe in a few short sentences, what they wanted me to achieve, and by when. They were unable to see or tell me what success might look like.


So, I offered them telephone coaching, free-of-charge. The PCT soon saw that my input would be very worthwhile in one discreet project, where my independent insight and skill-set was just right.


The project is mission-critical to the PCT. They were happy with my daily rates too ! And during the course of the phone conversations, the potential client identified in-house people that could lead on many of the other pieces of work.


NHS organisations need to clearly think about what they want to achieve, before contacting independent consultants.


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