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Mike O’Brien to “name and shame”


One of the headlines on today, caught my eye. Managers anger at O’Brien’s name and shame threat.  And then it began to make sense. Mike O’Brien and David Nicholson seem to be speaking the same language!

In each year since 2000, Mike O’Brien and his colleagues in the Blair/Brown Governments, increased their funding of the NHS in England by almost 7% (on average).

And now we are preparing for annual funding increases that will be much closer to 0%. David Nicholson told us earlier this year that the NHS needs to find £15bn-£20bn of savings by 2014. The NHS has two options.


The first is to hit the target and miss the point.

By reducing inputs – cutting staff, closing buildings and increasing waiting lists. Its refreshing that Mike O’Brien does not want to see budgets and services slashed in response to the public sector funding squeeze.


Hitting the target and missing the point would be costly. Patients would not be interested in why NHS services were being cut. They would not want explanations as to why there were less staff on-duty.


Patients expect a return on their investment – for the National Insurance Contributions that they have and/or are making. And my guess is that patients will continue to expect better healthcare.


The second option is to hit the target …. and to hit the point.

By reducing waste in core processes, such as diagnosing, treating, and communicating with patients. By getting the care of patients right first time. By reducing unnecessary readmissions.


By ensuring that clinicians and managers feel empowered to achieve results, to make changes, to take decisions, to drive service improvement, to actively deal with risk.

The NHS is likely to reduce waste in core processes, when Directors of Finance and their colleagues become even more actively involved in process improvement and removing waste. When they continue allocating serious investment in the development of improvement capability. By continuing to focus on cost per unit, and not expecting increased funding from the Government or elsewhere.


My guess is that Mike O’Brien will not ‘name and shame’. Because the NHS will actively work to reduce waste in its core processes. And that the NHS will find the £15-£20bn of savings by 2014. And because Mike O’Brien and David Nicholson will continue to speak the same language.


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