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Listening to Evan Davis on BBC Radio 4, I was particularly interested in the language of his guests.


James Dyson introduced himself as the founder of vacuum cleaners that work better.

Marta Lane Fox, recently appointed Champion of Digital Inclusion, is working to make life better for the six million economically and socially disadvantaged people in the UK that have no access to technology.


And Adrian Ringrose  the chief executive of a company that enables public sector organisations do what they do, by doing all the bits that these organisations don’t want to think about.


When introducing ourselves in the NHS, we tend to use different language. And this episode of BBC Radio 4’s The Bottom Line promised a lot. It was a discussion about creativity and innovation.


To be good at innovation and creativity, Martha Lane Fox said that boldness and self-confidence works for her. James Dyson added that innovation for him is caring about solving problems and taking little incremental steps to get there.


And Adrian Ringrose gave his insight into the public sector. He suggested that it is more important to do what we do in the public sector – by the rules, rather than focusing on the end game.


A generalisation perhaps, he reminded us that it is the end point that matters and we are more likely to get there by building on our mistakes.


And my guess is that this point resonates with you and many leaders in NHS risk management, governance and safety. I enjoyed this edition of BBC Radio 4’s The Bottom Line and I know that you will too.


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