Patrick Keady

NHS Institute

The NHS Institute has been an exciting place to work. During my 18 months with them, I led the development of their intranet-based risk register and board assurance framework, standing orders, standing financial instructions and scheme of delegation.

As well as being a key link between the Institute and the Department of Health, I was actively involved in developing their balanced scorecard; sustainable development; reviewing the security of their people, buildings and information; the procurement of health and safety training and risk assessment services and lots more besides.


In the 18 months, the NHS Institute has transformed into an outward looking, customer-focussed organisation. Whenever I hear about NHS Live, Knowledge Management, World Class Commissioning, the Management Training Schemes, the Productives, Safer Care series … I’ll think of them.


And I’m looking forward to my next assignment at NHS Stoke on Trent.


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