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This morning I received from David Smallwood, a certificate for completing the INLPTA Master Practitioner course.

David is a certified trainer of business-focused NLP, a certified NLP health practitioner and a certified INLPTA trainer. And he was the principal trainer for my NLP training at diploma, practitioner and master practitioner levels. David is a wonderful inspiration, an excellent trainer and unbeatable value for money too.

Having completed the NLP practitioner course last year, David commented that it was during the master practitioner training that I really demonstrated the integration of my Practitioner training. A number of people have asked what the NLP master practitioner training is all about and how it differs from NLP practitioner training.

While I had the skills and understanding of an NLP practitioner, the master practitioner training leveraged my learning from there to go to levels of competency that to an untrained observer might appear amazing. See what Richard Bandler has to say about master practitioner training.


While the focus in practitioner training was on learning the fundamentals, the master practitioner training was about Mastery. This brought with it new levels of understanding and skills development so that I am now able to run the NLP patterns as well as able to tailor, re-organise, and even make new patterns on my own that are appropriate to the situation in hand.


I learned new distinctions and developed new skills and David trained us with his eye on precision and elegance. The epistemology of the master practitioner training was very different too from that of the practitioner – in terms of outcomes, behaviours, ways of being, and ways of relating to the world.


The master practitioner training was about me and the many routes open to me to achieve my outcomes, my better outcomes. It was about my ability to facilitate behavioural change and to do so elegantly, generatively, and with precision.

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