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National Men’s Health Week 9 – 15 June 2008

Did you know that today sees the start of National Men’s Health Week. For some headlines and a booklet on men’s health check out

The theme this year is men in the workplace, with a particular focus on improving occupational safety and health, and promoting health promotion interventions for men. Both men and women can contribute to the spirit of National Men’s Health Week.

Here are my top five health and safety tips for employees and workers this week:

1. Keep spaces tidy – this will help to prevent slips and trips, and it can reduce negative stress too
2. Plan your journeys – to avoid rushing, and take regular breaks to avoid fatigue
3. Maintain good posture, especially when using a computer. This will help you avoid musculoskeletal disorders, the most-commonly reported workplace injuries
4. If you spend time in the sun, wear skin protection, to help prevent skin cancer
5. Report health and safety concerns – following up your reports will help to prevent accidents and ill health at work.

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