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PM is grateful for everything we do




In my last contribution (18th May), I concluded that an important challenge for all NHS organisations, is to continue motivating and acknowledging the successes of their employees. But I didn’t suggest how Organisations can make this a reality.


Today I saw an excellent example of how NHS Organisations can do just that. I was one of 600 delegates at the 2008 Patient Safety Congress. An impressive contribution came from a speaker not listed on the programme, the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown.


He acknowledged that NHS staff and partners are not thanked enough for their commitment to patients. Mr Brown reminded us that NHS staff are the pride of the UK. He shared with us how the NHS cared for him , following a rugby injury, sustained at the age of 16. He told us that he was grateful for everything we do. A Consultant Anaesthetist in the audience put his hand up to his eye. The Chief Executive sitting in front of me, cleared this throat.


Mr Brown’s short visit was was unexpected. But his contribution was effective because he acknowledged the commitment of NHS staff and he shared some of his personal experiences with us. Click here to see Mr Brown’s address to the Patient Safety Congress 2008.



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